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Fire Blankets

Firetech Ireland carries a full range of fire blankets and fighting materials as well as fire protection products. Our range includes:

  1. Fire blankets
  2. Welding drapes and screens
  3. Woven silica fabrics
  4. Flameproof dust sheets

Fire Blankets

  1. Hard wearing single-piece moulded design.  Colours: red or white
  2. 2 sizes of container to accommodate 1 m x 1 m, 1.2 m x 1.2 m, 1.2 m x 1.8 m and 1.8 m x 1.8 m blankets
  3. 2  blanket cloths available - premium (K100) and standard (K75)
  4. Kite mark certified 

Fire Blanket

  1. Screen-printed soft PVC pack
  2. Available with 1m x 1m K 30 standard blanket
  3. Kite mark certified 

Woven Silica Fabric - Super Heavy Duty

  1. Excellent thermal insulation properties
  2. Will protect from molten metal splashes
  3. For continuous use at 1000ºC

Flame Retardant Polythene

  1. LPCB tested and approved
  2. Heavy duty 250 micron polythene for use as protective sheeting in all construction applications
  3. Supplied in 3 ft x 6 ft

High Performance Welding Drape - Medium Duty

  1. High performance coated glass fibre welding drape material protects from medium splatter and sparks
  2. This material offers a low level of gas permeability together with excellent abrasion resistance  which will not degenerate due to oxidation, weathering or flexing
  3. Superior draping characteristics
  4. Recommended for  areas where oils, greases, acidic liquids and vapours are present
  5. Comes complete with brass eyelets to secure in place

Translucent Welding Screen - Light Duty

  1. Protects from welding glare, grinding, sparks etc.
  2. Conforms to EN 
  3. Supplied complete with brass-reinforced eyelets
  4. UV stabilised
  5. Nylon reinforced for superb tear resistance
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