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Fire Doors, Furniture & Equipment

Fire Safety Express supplies a full range of both fire door furniture and equipment. The spectrum of our products includes:

  1. Anti-arson letterboxes
  2. Fire exit door alarms
  3. Door guard retainers
  4. Fire and smoke seals
  5. Self-closing mechanisms
  6. Panic bolts and latches
  7. Intumescent letterbox kits

Briton Vertical Panic Bolt

  1. Two point locking for extra security
  2. Suitable for use on single and double door applications
  3. Self-handed – will suit both left and right handed doors
  4. Suitable for doors up to 2500 mm high x 1300 mm wide x 200 kg
  5. Colour: Silver
  6. CEN classification: 37611322A
  7. Manufactured to BS EN1125

Reversible Rim Panic Latch

  1. Suitable for use on single doors
  2. Latch comes as a left handed unit but can be reversed on site
  3. Suitable for doors up to 2500 mm high x 1300 mm wide x 200 kg
  4. Colour: Silver
  5. Manufactured to BS EN1125
  6. CEN classification: 37611322A

Double Rebated Door Panic Set

  1. This set is made up of the Briton 376E vertical panic bolt, 378E reversible rim panic latch and 378DDS double door strike in one convenient pack for rebated double door applications
  2. Colour: Silver
  3. Manufactured to BS EN1125
  4. CEN classification: 37611322A

Reversible Push Pad Rim Latch

  1. Comes as a  left handed unit but can be reversed on site
  2. Suitable for doors up to 2500 mm high x 1300 mm in width x 200 kg
  3. Can be used with a rim cylinder fitted to the outside of the door
  4. Colour: Silver
  5. Manufactured to BS EN 179
  6. CEN classification: 37611332B

Outside Access Device - Lever Operated

  1. Handed on site for left or right hand applications
  2. Suitable for metal and timber doors ranging up to 54mm thick
  3. Designed to be used with a 40 mm single euro profile cylinder

Intumescent Letterbox Kits

  1. These are supplied for use in a fire rated door
  2. They maintain performance and integrity of fire door with the use of intumescent materials
  3. When heat exposure occurs, the intumescent lining expands and fills the opening in the door thereby preventing  the movement of fire from one area to another
  4. Tested in accordance with BS476: Parts 20/22: 1987 and will provide fire resistance for more than 30 minutes
  5. Standard finish is silver anodized.
  6. Available in gold finish also

Dorgard Fire Door Retainer

This door retainer will hold fire doors open legally and correctly in accordance with safety guidelines.  The retainer allows the door to close if a fire alarm goes off, thus blocking the spread of fire/smoke.  The ‘Dorgard’ ingeniously picks up the noise of a continuous fire alarm which is on or above 65dBA.  After just a few seconds the device will release its hold on the door.  The door is then able to close due to the action of the door closure overhead.   Fixing of this component is very easy and it can be screwed into place in just a few minutes.  It is battery operated so you do not need to worry about wiring.

  1. Totally automatic fire door release is triggered when fire alarm sounds
  2. Easy to use foot-operated manual release/adjustment operation
  3. Battery lifetime exceeds fire safety policy directive
  4. Automatic night-time release facility
  5. Dorgard is accepted for use by fire authorities and complies with all relevant BS standard
  6. Integral power-on LED indicator
  7. Each Dorgard is supplied with 2 C-Cell batteries, instructions, fitting template & fixings
  8. Available in a variety of colours

Exit Stopper Door Alarm

  1. Completely self-contained 97dB electronic door alarm
  2. Highly visible 'stop sign' discourages unauthorised use of emergency doors
  3. Key operated override facility
  4. Compact design (127 mm diameter and 48 mm deep)

Anti-Arson Letterbox

  1. This is a Fire protected letter box which guards against arson attacks
  2. Constructed from fully welded mild steel with powder coated finish
  3. Simple installation over British standard letter box opening
  4. Contains 100 g FE36 automatic extinguisher, discharging at 57ºC
  5. Keyed alike locking mechanisms available if required
  6. Refill extinguisher available

Fire Door Seals

  1. Seal effectively works to preserve the integrity of fire doors
  2. Withstands the movement of fire for up to 60 minutes
  3. Contains intumescent material which expands when exposed to heat.  This then forms a seal around the fire door
  4. Fully tested to BS 476: Part 22 Fire Only and also BS 476:Part 31: 1 cold smoke leakage for the fire and smoke seals
  5. Available in white or brown finish

Automatic Threshold Seal

  1. Automatic door threshold seal with new mechanism
  2. Ideal for use with single swing doors
  3. Elevates the seal clear of the floor when door is opened
  4. Does not require any power connection
  5. Has been tested in fire doors for up to 60 minutes without negatively affecting the fire resistance
  6. Meets smoke leakage performance requirements of BS 5588

Door Self-Closing Mechanism

  1. Comes complete with 10 year guarantee
  2. Suitable for light duty use
  3. Fire rated for 1 hour to BS EN1634:1
  4. UL listed
  5. Rack and pinion mechanism
  6. Power size EN3 (door up to 950mm/60kg)

Redlam Panic Bolt

  1. Manufactured from cast aluminium
  2. Supplied complete with 1 x Ceram tube, Redlam hammer, chain and fixings
  3. Use of padlock (supplied separately) prevents unauthorised removal of Ceram tube
  4. Overall bolt size: height 75 mm x width 165 mm x depth 55 mm
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