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Fire & Evacuation Alarms

Our extensive range also includes alarms to detect both smoke and carbon monoxide. We also provide a full range of cost-effective fire-detection and evacuation alarms. These can be used in a wide variety of places including temporary buildings for schools and construction sites plus an assortment of other premised where it is not possible to wire them permanently.

This is not an exhaustive list, but our product range of fie alarms includes the following:

  1. Free-standing fire alarms
  2. Gas horns, rotary bells, and megaphones
  3. Wireless fire alarm systems
  4. Heat and gas alarms

Megalarm Wireless Alarm Base Unit

This is a free standing alarm system that works off battery power. It is a wireless unit that is radio linked. Simple installation process. This unit can be used in conjunction with other Megalarm products:  the Megalarm wireless smoke detector and also the Megalarm wireless call point.  It comes complete with strobe & interlinks features and up to ten units per installation can be connected with a max. of 100 m between units (according to site conditions).

  1. Compact design for internal and external applications
  2. Supplied with batteries
  3. Easily linked to other Megalarm  ‘P’ Range units
  4. Features easy to use resettable call point
  5. Battery test function
  6. Alarm test mode
  7. Integral strobe for noisy environments
  8. Clear graphics to guide users
  9. Dimensions: H 240 mm x W 125 mm x D 65 mm

Megalarm Wireless Call point

Battery operated resettable call point with Wireless connectivity to other megalarm system units

Megalarm Wireless Detector

Battery operated smoke detector features:

  1. integral sounder
  2. Wireless connectivity to other Megalarm system units
  3. Will operate as standalone unit
  4. Fire Evacuation Alarm

 Standalone Fire Evacuation Alarm

This is a free-standing battery-operated fire alarm system. Simple installation process. Great for temporary buildings/structures where hard-wiring cannot be used.

  1. Battery operated site alarm
  2. Simple call point operation
  3. Strobe light for noisy environments
  4. Easily interlink able – up to five units
  5. Available with 'Push on/ twist off' button operation
  6. Dimensions: H 305 mm x W 191 mm x D 65 mm

Emergency Gas Horn

This provides a simple way of sounding a fire alarm.  It is perfect for temporary use during periods when power is off (possibly during electrical installation work) or on construction sites.

  1. 200ml can for varied use
  2. 110 dB output
  3. Acoustic range of approximately 1500 m
  4. Refill canisters available
  5. Non-flammable gas

Megaphone With Built-In Microphone

  1. Built-in anti-howl microphone
  2. Press to talk trigger
  3. Volume control
  4. 25 W max output
  5. Rugged ABS plastic construction

10 Year Sealed-In Battery Smoke Alarm

  1. Lithium battery powered
  2. Maintenance free - 10 year life
  3. Test/ reset button
  4. Red LED indicator flashes to display normal operation
  5. Supplied with bracket

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

  1. High quality and excellent value for money  carbon monoxide alarm
  2. 85 db alarm alerts you if CO levels become dangerous
  3. Electrochemical technology CO detection sensor
  4. 5 year warranty
  5. Kite marked to EN 50291
  6. Supplied complete with batteries
  7. Dimensions: 140 mm x D 35.5 mm
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