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Home Safety Products

Statistics issued by the  Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government illustrate the fact that on average 46 people die and over 1000 people suffer serious injury due to burns and inhalation of smoke in Ireland every year. If fire safety precautions had been in place then the fire may have been prevented or the damage restricted.

Fire Safety Express provides a whole range of home safety products to help protect both you and your family from the dangers of fire. Our product selection includes items such as:

  1. Fire blankets
  2. Fire extinguishers
  3. Fire escape ladders
  4. Anti-arson letterboxes
  5. Smoke, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, heat, and gas alarms

*HIPE & NPRS Unit ESRI (Hospital In-Patient Enquiry Scheme and National Perinatal Reporting Unit, ERSI)

Fire Escape Ladder - 7 Metre

Made in Ireland – top quality fire escape ladder for 2 & 3 storey buildings.  An essential product for any home concerned for their family’s safety.

  1. Worry free escape strong & durable construction
  2. Tangle free design fast and easy to deploy
  3. Ready for use no tools required
  4. Tested to 500 kg
  5. Anti-Slip Rungs
  6. Suitable for 2 & 3 storeybuilding
  7. Adjustable to fit window ledge from 250mm-500mm

Fire Escape Ladder - 4.5 Metre

  1. Steel fire escape ladder for two storey buildings.
  2. Steel escape ladder, intended for domestic use only
  3. Suitable for two storey buildings
  4. Simply and quickly attaches to window for escape
  5. Will accommodate window openings up to 325 mm deep
  6. Rung width: 295 mm

Fire Blanket

An item that should be present in every kitchen:

  1. Screen-printed soft PVC pack
  2. Available with 1 m x 1 m K 30 standard blanket
  3. CE and Kite mark certified 

 2 kg ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher

This is a general purpose extinguisher suitable for home, trucks, vans, caravans, workshops, kitchens etc. Dry powder is a good choice as it is inexpensive and suitable for many scenarios:

  1. 5-Year warranty, EN3 approved, CE marked approved 
  2. Fire rating 13A 55B
  3. Height 374 mm - diameter 111 mm (Overall width 141 mm)
  4. Total weight 3.6 kg
  5. Discharge time 9 seconds
  6. Supplied with bracket
  7. Operating temperature 0 to 60°C
  8. Class A Class B Class C Electrical Hazards

10 Year Sealed-In Battery Smoke Alarm

It’s pointless having a smoke alarm in your home if the battery is not replaced regularly. This alarm unit lasts for 10 years without needing any battery replacement. It is simple to fix and is a completely sealed unit which means that the battery cannot be tampered with. It comes with a 10 year warranty and end of life alarm.

  1. Lithium battery powered
  2. Maintenance free - 10 year life
  3. Test /reset button
  4. Red LED indicator flashes to display normal operation
  5. Supplied with bracket

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

  1. High quality, low cost carbon monoxide alarm
  2. 85 db alarm alerts you if CO levels become dangerous
  3. Electrochemical technology CO detection sensor
  4. 5 year warranty
  5. BSI Kite marked to EN 50291
  6. Supplied complete with batteries
  7. Dimensions: W 140 mm x D 35.5 mm

Anti-Arson Letterbox

  1. Fire protected letter box designed to guard against arson attacks
  2. Constructed from fully welded mild steel with powder coated finish
  3. Easy installation over standard letter box opening
  4. Contains 100g FE36 automatic extinguisher, discharging at 57ºC
  5. Keyed alike locking mechanisms available on request
  6. Refill extinguisher available

Life hammer©

This product is recommended to be kept in all vehicles as it allows people to escape if they are trapped.  It will cut through seat belts and break vehicle windows.

  1. Effective emergency escape tool
  2. Tough pointed double hammerhead combined with sharp protected blade
  3. Supplied with bracket
  4. TUV approved
  5. Breaks auto glass and cuts seat belts
  6. Overall Tool Size: L175 mm x W68 mm

Car Safety Kit

Kit contents:

  1. 1 kg ABC powder extinguisher
  2. Reflective waistcoat
  3. Single person first aid kit
  4. Protective cotton gloves
  5. Soft fabric bag
  6. Emergency escape tool