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Fire Extinguishers - Portable Units 

Our range of high quality portable fire extinguishers are manufactured in accordance with Irish & European quality standards and are EN3 & CE approved. As part of this range, we also provide specialist fire extinguishers for both commercial and residential use. Our extensive range of portable extinguishers includes:

  1. Environmentally & eco friendly
  2. Polar liquid
  3. Anti-magnetic Co2 carbon dioxide
  4. Stainless steel
  5. Units for metal fires

Our customer service team will assist and advise you of the most appropriate fire extinguishers required for your premises' risk profile. Firetech Ireland also provides a full fire extinguisher installation, maintenance and certification services, along with annual inspections that will include replacement of parts and refills as required. In addition, all of our fire extinguishers come with a 5 years warranty. Part of service includes a free risk assessment so that we can ensure you have the right level of fire safety equipment to meet your specific needs. At the same time we will carry out an examination to ensure that the equipment in place complies with all the statutory obligations and codes of practice.

Here are just a few of the extinguishers available within this range.  All have:

  1. Squeeze grip operation
  2. Corrosion resistant finish
  3. Irish & Eurpean EN3 & CE approaved 
  4. Plastic base
  5. Bracket included
  6. Five year guarantee from manufacturer

BC Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers

These extinguishers use dry power which is ideal for dealing with most fires, particularly electrical problems and liquids and gases that may be flammable. It is the ideal compound for vehicle blazes & is suitable for diverse use.

Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers (Co2)

Suitable for fires caused by electrical items or flammable liquid. Will not harm electrical items or machinery. Perfect for office/workshops. With anti-static non-conductive horns.

Water Fire Extinguishers

These are ideally suited for paper, fabrics and wood (Class A material). They have polyethylene internal linings.

Spray Foam Fire Extinguishers – AFFF

These extinguishers use foam which is the perfect medium to deal with flammable liquid fires. They create a layer over the top of the liquid which stops the fire from rekindling.  They are the perfect solution for varied use environments and can be used safely within range of electrical supplies.  A 35kv conductivity discharge test has been passed by the 6L & 9L sizes. They have polyethylene internal linings & a nozzle for fully directional spray.

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher

Ideally suited for Class F fires i.e. cooking fat/oil.  It kills the flame whilst cooling the oil/ sealing the surface. This prevents the fire rekindling. Used a gentle spray which will not splash the burning oil. Capacity up to 75L of oil/ fat. 13A fire rating plus 35 kV di-electric tested. EN3 red 6L size. With stainless steel parts & swivel hose.

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